What will Sismo watch?

As we enjoy watching theatre and are always on the lookout for great theatre shows and wonderful experiences, we are extremely busy with watching a lot of online pieces from UK producers. For all of you who are wondering which productions we are viewing ourselves, we will list an overview of them on this page, perhaps some of them might appeal to you as well.   

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From the streams that we’ve already checked, you can see our recommendations right here!

Our watchlist 

Locked Down
until 31 Dec. 2021

You wake to find yourself in a strange place. Memories distorted – jigsaw puzzle of violence and horror. But what happened? As you explore your new surroundings, the pieces begin to slot together. There was a deadly virus. Mass panic. Riots. A civil war. There is now just one hope for civilisation: you.

Uncle Vanya
until Sept. 2021

Sonya and her Uncle Vanya throw their lives into maintaining the crumbling family estate, only visited occasionally by the radical and inspiring local doctor Astrov. However, when Sonya’s father, Professor Serebryakov, suddenly returns with his restless, alluring, new wife Yelena, long-hidden truths start to emerge […]

Distance Remaining
until 9 May 2021

Three lost souls make a break for freedom and embark on a journey of discovery. But it’s April 2020 and no journey is as simple as A to B – even to the front door.
Distance Remaining follows their extraordinary quests to reconnect with the people in their lives, the places where they live, and the selves they might become. […]

Barnes People – series
until 31 July 2021

A series of four theatrical monologues starring Jon Culshaw, Matthew Kelly, Jemma Redgrave and Adrian Scarborough. From writer Peter Barnes (The Ruling Class) comes a selection of four exquisitely crafted monologues, performed by four of our leading actors and filmed on stage at the Theatre Royal Windsor.

The Visiting Hour
22, 23 and 24 April

Recalling events that may or may not have happened, people he may or may not have known, an elderly father weaves his life, funny, angry, poignant, as if in a dream.  His daughter, perched outside his window, as close as the pandemic allows, responds with conflicting memories.[…]

Living Newspaper #6
19 April – 2 May

Edition 6 explores the strange and contradictory relationship between a closed theatre building and the world outside; asking questions about why we gather together and who we might have lost when we do so again.

18 May – 13 June

The vibrant and intoxicating story of Cruise is based on Michael Spencer. In 1984, he’s diagnosed with HIV and told he has just four years at the most to live. Michael and his partner decide to carpe diem and sell their house and car so they can spend it all partying like there’s no tomorrow – because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. […]

The Motherhood Project
19-25 April

In 2020  curator Katherine Kotz invited writers, artists and technicians to join forces to create exciting new pieces of work during the lockdown, with the aim of supporting  vulnerable women and children affected by the pandemic.   

From 30 April

Two people. One perfect date. And then, the world collapses…Ashley and Morgan both think they’ve found The One after years of break-ups, ghosting, and swiping left. Now butterflies, a million things in common, and embarrassing fantasies about the future.[…]

Crave (opening night)
18 May

In a damaged world, four characters search for the light. This heart-rending, funny, kind and cruel meditation on the meaning of love resonated with audiences looking to reconnect after the loneliness and seclusion inflicted by a global pandemic.

Once British, Always British
29 April and 4 May

A collection of two 30-minute audio dramas, exploring migration to British port cities by Yemeni and Indian sailors during the 1920s.
Each story is inspired by real material uncovered during a writing residency at The National Archives.

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© Stichting Sismo Stories & Performances 2021