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Together with our partner Cultuurticket.nl we have been able to introduce a video platform to our website in which we can feature British theatre. For the terms and conditions the purchase of the video’s in Dutch we would like to invite you to the website of cultuurtickets.nl in which all is stated.

General Terms and Conditions of the Videoplatform

General Terms and Conditions of Cultuurticket.nl

Last updated 5-3-2021

On Sismo Stories & Performance (Sismo) in collaboration with Cultuurticket.nl you can purchase tickets for cultural events..

1. Definitions
2. Who is Sismo Stories & Performances?
3. Applicability
4. Customer account
5. The offer
6. The agreement with Cultuurticket.nl
7. The agreement with the Sismo
8. Damage and Liability
9. The price
10. Adjustments
11. Intellectual Property
12. Applicable law and disputes
13. How can you contact Sismo or Cultuurticket.nl?

1. Definitions
In these General Terms and Conditions, the words with a capital letter, in singular or plural, mean:

1. Platform: the environment which Sismo, Cultuurticket.nl and Tickets for Events of Organizers and Agents offers to Users.
2. Event: the cultural performance or meeting of Organizers and Agents for which Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl offer Tickets.
3. Organizer: the natural or legal person who produces or organizes an Event and is responsible for it.
4. Agent: a third party, being a legal or natural person other than Sismo or Cultuurticket.nl who offers tickets on behalf of the Organizer.
5. User: every visitor to the Platform.
6. Account: registration by a User of a profile on the Platform.
7. Customer: a User of the Platform who proceeds to purchase a Ticket via the Platform.
8. Participating Partner: Cinemien, Creative Europe, and other partners who may collaborate with Sismo or  Cultuurticket.nl in the future.
9. Content: Audiovisual material that is available through the service.
10. Ticket: the document that serves as an admission ticket for an Event, including electronic Tickets.

2. Who is Sismo Stories & Performances?

Sismo Stories & Performances is the name of the foundation which curates and selects British theatre and dance pieces for the Platform on sismo.nl in collaboration with Cultuurticket.nl.
Sismo Stories & Performances is located at Keizersgracht 717-H, 1017 DX Amsterdam. Our contact details are listed below under “13. How can you contact Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl “.

Cultuurticket.nl is a trade name and Platform of the Ticketing Group BV in Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Participating Partners and its Content.

Trade names and Platforms of the Ticketing Group BV are:
• Ticketing Solution
• Beyond Tickets
• ticketinggroup.com
• cultuurticket.nl
• cultuurticket.be

Cultuurticket.nl is located at Tussen de Bogen 46, 1013 JB Amsterdam. Our contact details are listed below under “13. How can you contact Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl “.

3. Applicability
1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to every offer from Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl and the use of the Platform.

2. Before the distance contract is concluded, the text of these General Terms and Conditions will be made available to the Client

3. Sismo is entitled to change the General Terms and Conditions and to declare amended General Terms and Conditions applicable to Agreements. The amended General Terms and Conditions can be consulted on the website of Sismo.

4. Customer account
1. General
a. These terms of use apply to users of Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl and the Participating Partners, and related product (s) and website (s);
b. The privacy statement of Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl is valid in combination with these terms of use;
c. The applicability of any general or specific terms and conditions or stipulations of users or using organizations are explicitly rejected by Sismo;
d. Failure to comply with these terms of use will result in immediate closure of your Sismo account;
e. It is not allowed to use Sismo for illegal purposes, you must not violate Dutch and European legislation; and
f. Questions about these terms of use can be sent to e-mail address: info@sismo.nl.

2. Registration
a. Each registering user must be a natural person, accounts registered by “robots” or other automated methods are not allowed;
b. You only provide personal information to which you are authorized during the registration process;
c. You indicate that you are authorized to register on behalf of your organization or company;
d. Your login details are strictly personal and may not be shared with other persons;
e. You are at all times responsible for keeping your username and password confidential, Sismo cannot be held liable for this;
f. You are liable for all activities and content that is placed under your account (also for the users that are created under an organization managed by your account);
g. You give Sismo, Cultuurticket.nl and the Participating Partners permission to include a description and logo of your organization in public communication, for example for the promotion of Sismo or Cultuurticket.nl; and
h. One person, organization or company may own a maximum of one free account.

3. Quality
a. Sismo strives for, but does not guarantee, that:
1. Sismo functions correctly;
2. Sismo meets your wishes;
3. Errors in Sismo are resolved quickly and adequately; and
4. Sismo has the highest possible uptime.
b. Sismo can in no way be held liable for failure to do so, unless specifically agreed otherwise;
d. You will not attempt to hack Sismo and / or set up websites that pretend to be part of Sismo;
e. You will not use Sismo to post or send unsolicited content / e-mail (SPAM);
f. You will not post worms and / or viruses and / or other forms of destructive code on Sismo; and
g. You will only act in accordance with our Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure policy if you intend to find an error in Cultuurticket.nl in good faith. This is the responsible and joint disclosure between the User, Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl of the ICT vulnerabilities of our Platform.

5. The offer
1. If an offer has a limited period of validity or is made subject to conditions, this will be explicitly stated in the offer

2. The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the Events offered by Organizers and Agents. The description is sufficiently detailed to allow a proper assessment of the Event by the User. If Sismo or Cultuurticket.nl uses images, these are a true representation of the Events offered. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer do not bind Sismo or Cultuurticket.nl.

3. Each offer contains such information that it is clear to the User what rights and obligations are attached to accepting the offer.

6. The agreement with Cultuurticket.nl
1. With the purchase of a Ticket, two agreements are concluded. An agreement between the Buyer and Cultuurticket.nl and an agreement between the Buyer and Sismo for which the Buyer has purchased a right of access (Ticket). The agreements are concluded as soon as Cultuurticket.nl confirms the agreement.
2. The agreement that is concluded between Cultuurticket.nl and the Buyer pertains to the ordering and delivery process of the Ticket.
3. Cultuurticket.nl provides the Buyer with first-line customer service and support in the ordering process up to and including the execution of the order. The Seller will provide the Buyer with first-line customer service and support only after their successful purchase of the Ticket.
4. Cultuurticket.nl helps buyers to solve problems arising from the purchase of the Ticket. But you can always contact Cultuurticket.nl for questions about your payment, refunds and other payment-related matters. Our contact details are listed below under “13. How can you contact Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl “.
5. Tickets are sent to the (e-mail) address that the Buyer has provided in his or her account. Cultuurticket.nl will continue to consider the (e-mail) address provided by the Buyer to be correct.
6. The delivery times stated by Cultuurticket.nl will never be regarded as deadlines, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. In case of late delivery, Cultuurticket.nl must be given written notice of default.
7. Exceeding any delivery period does not entitle the Buyer to compensation or the right to cancel the order or to dissolve the agreement, unless the exceeding of the delivery period is such that the Buyer cannot reasonably be expected to maintain the agreement. late.
8. The website and all Content to which the Customer gains access through the service contains information that is the property of Sismo or Cultuurticket.nl, the Participating Partners and their licensors, and is protected by applicable intellectual property laws. The Customer only obtains a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable right of use to use the website and the Content in the Netherlands, being the Member State of residence of the Customer, as well as in other countries of the European Union (EU) in order to comply with these General Terms and Conditions. Conditions to be able to use the service for personal and non-commercial purposes.
9. The Content may contain technical security features provided by Cultuurticket.nl, the Participating Partners or their licensors to ensure that the Content is only used in accordance with the right of use granted. The Customer is not permitted to bypass or manipulate these security provisions in any way, or to take other measures for that purpose.

7. The agreement with Sismo
1. The agreement between the Buyer and Sismo pertains to rights and obligations in the context of the right of access to the Event of Sismo as soon as Sismo or Cultuurticket.nl confirms the agreement. In this context, Cultuurticket.nl acts as an intermediary in the realization of the agreement between the Buyer and the Sismo. The agreement between the Buyer and Sismo is concluded after the Buyer has purchased one or more Tickets via Sismo.nl or Cultuurticket.nl for events of Sismo Stories & Performances.
2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all offers, including advertisements, dates and times and ticket prices as stated on Sismo and  Cultuurticket.nl websites are without obligation.
3. Before confirming his reservation, the Buyer must always check carefully whether the correct Tickets have been reserved. The buyer must always use a correct (e-mail) address when making the reservation. The risk of loss, theft or misuse of the Ticket rests with the Buyer from the moment the Tickets have reached him. I
4. Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl are entitled to independently set a maximum for the number of Tickets to be reserved or purchased. In case of a concrete suspicion of abuse with regard to circumventing the set maximum, Sismo is entitled to cancel the reservation of the Tickets or to invalidate the relevant Tickets independently and / or at the request of the Seller. This is to prevent Tickets from being bought up on a large scale.
5. Even though the Terms and Conditions of Sismo apply to the purchased Ticket, Buyers can always continue to contact Cultuurticket.nl for questions about matters that take place after the ordering process. This includes questions about payments, refunds and other payment-related matters. Cultuurticket assists the Buyer in solving the problem and takes responsibility for this. These contact details are listed below under “13. How can you contact Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl “.
6. Tickets cannot be returned. The provisions of article 6: 230p sub e BW applies to Tickets.

8. Damages and Liability
1. Sismo is not liable for indirect damage caused by the use of Sismo such as lost profits, missed savings, consequential damage or other comparable damage. Sismo is not liable for damage resulting from violation of the terms of use.
If Sismo is liable for damage, the amount you can hold us liable for is limited to the direct damage suffered and the costs you owe us in that year for the use of Sismo. 
2. The liability of Sismo due to an attributable shortcoming in the fulfillment of an agreement in all cases only arises if the Buyer immediately and properly declares Sismo in default in writing, setting a reasonable term for remedying the shortcoming, and Sismo continues to fail imputably in the fulfillment of its obligations even after that period. The notice of default must contain a description of the shortcoming that is as complete and detailed as possible, so that Sismo is able to respond adequately.
5. The Buyer indemnifies Sismo against all claims from third parties in connection with the non-compliance or insufficient compliance by the Buyer with any obligation towards Sismo, whether or not arising from the General Terms and Conditions.
6. A condition for any right to compensation to arise is always that the Buyer reports the damage in writing to Sismo  as soon as possible after it has arisen.
7. Sismo can at no time be held liable for any form of damage to or loss of the Ticket. In the event of loss or theft, the Buyer cannot claim a replacement Ticket or refund of any monies. Sismo is also not liable for delay or non-delivery or incorrect delivery of Tickets, if delay or non-delivery or incorrect delivery cannot be attributed to Sismo.
8. Sismo is in no way liable for any damage suffered by the holder of this Ticket due to acts or omissions of third parties.
9. Our contact details are listed below under “13. How can you contact Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl “.

9. The price
Cultuurticket.nl sells Tickets on behalf of Sismo who determines the price and the number of available seats. Information regarding price and availability is provided without obligation and subject to change.
b. The Buyer pays for the price stated on the Platform through the Tickets website. Payment takes place in the manner indicated on the Sismo or Cultuurticket.nl website. Further (payment / order) conditions can be imposed on the order.
c. All prices on Sismo or Cultuurticket.nl as stated on the Platform are in euros including VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
d. At Sismo or Cultuurticket.nl you only pay the official ticket price, no additional service costs, transaction costs or delivery costs are charged.
e. If the Buyer does not pay the amounts due on time, the Buyer owes statutory interest on the outstanding amount without any reminder or notice of default being required. If the Buyer fails to pay the claim after a reminder or notice of default, Cultuurticket.nl can hand over the claim, in which case, in addition to the total amount owed, the Buyer is also obliged to pay all judicial and extrajudicial costs, including costs calculated by external parties. experts in addition to the costs established in court.

10. Adjustments
Sismo reserves the right at any time, with or without notice:
1. Make changes in Sismo.nl;
2. Temporarily stop Sismo for example in the event of maintenance;
3. Implementing price changes for the use of Sismo.

11. Intellectual Property
The full intellectual property of Sismo Stories & Performances lies exclusively with Sismo and the Participating Partners. You will not reproduce, copy, duplicate, sell or resell parts of Sismo or Sismo in its entirety without the express written permission of Sismo.

12. Applicable law and disputes
Dutch law is exclusively applicable to all legal relationships to which Cultuurticket.nl is a party. Disputes between Cultuurticket.nl and you will only be settled by the competent court in the Amsterdam district.

13. How can you contact Sismo and Cultuurticket.nl?

Sismo Stories & Performances
Keizersgracht 717-H
1017 DX Amsterdam

Between the Arches 46
1013 JB Amsterdam



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© Stichting Sismo Stories & Performances 2021


© Stichting Sismo Stories & Performances 2021